New Device Approved by the FDA for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

by admin on August 21, 2011

Reflexonic, a medical device company, has released a new device calledViberect. The device has been given FDA clearance for use as a tool in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Viberect is a vibrator designed to stimulate the top and underside of the penis and, according to the company, cause a rigid erection with no reported side effects.

Viberect Device

Reflexonic's Viberect device

Reflexonic‘s literature states that “Stimulation of the nerves of the penis at neurophysiologic frequency and amplitude provided by Viberect is beneficial in improving sexual response, erection, and rigidity in millions of men suffering from various medical conditions, including age related ED, diabetes, vascular disease, neuropathies, and to help men with spinal cord injury with ejaculatory dysfunction.”

The following is a quote from the FDA’s clearance summary for the Viberect device:

The Viberect Penile Vibratory Stimulation Device is a hand held medical device intended for use by the person at home for the purpose of stimulating the nerves of the penis, as a form of sexual aid, or for the purpose of activating several nerve reflexes that men are born with which are responsible for the initiation of penile erection and rigidity. This device is unique in that it has two gentle vibrating motors that allow simultaneous vibratory stimulation of both the upper and lower surfaces of the penis. As each side of the male penis is supplied by different nerves, simultaneous stimulation of the upper and lower surfaces increases sexual response.

The device is held by one hand easily, like holding a hair straightener. The penis is placed between the vibrating gel pads, made up of polyurethane soft pads. As pressure is increased to the device, it is automatically activated. The device can be deactivated by releasing the hand pressure which immediately shuts off the vibrating heads. Therefore, the user activates and deactivates the device by hand pressure alone (i.e., no switches need to be pushed).

Vibratory stimulation for approximately 7-10 minutes is recommended. the touch pad provides further control by the user whereby the user can increase and decrease the frequency of vibration according to comfort and response. Finally, there are individual modes for the vibratory movement of upper housing only, lower housing only, and both. the device is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Viberect device is a hand held medical device indicated to provoke erections for men who experience erectile dysfunction and to provoke ejaculation for spinal cord injured men.

Kambiz Tajkarimi, M.D., a board-certified urologist and founder of Reflexonic, said “Viberect helps increase nerve activity, stronger muscle contraction to reduce venous leakage, and more rigid erection by activating nerve reflexes the way nature intended.” The company touts Viberect’s ability to produce an erection without the use of medication.

The company has posted a YouTube video of the Viberect for more information.┬áThe Viberect┬ádevice is only sold in the US, costs $300 and a doctor’s prescription is required.