Zoraxel – The ED Drug that Aims for Your Head, Not Your Crotch

by admin on September 2, 2011

Rexahn's ZoraxelRexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is testing Zoraxelâ„¢ a drug that promises to treat erectile dysfunction in a new way. Rather than increasing blood flow to the penis, Zoraxel targets the sexual activity regions in the brain. According to Rexhan, the drug enhances serotonin and dopamine which, in turn, enhance the three levels of male sexual activity: arousal, erection and release. It sounds like they are saying that it makes men really, really horny.

Rexhan conducted a Phase IIa study and found that men treated with Zoraxel showed significant improvements in erectile function as well as quality of life measurements. It also found the treatments to be safe, and well tolerated by the test subjects, with no serious adverse side affects. This past study was concluded in May of 2009. Rexahn has decided to continue with Phase IIb clinic trials.

According to Rexhan, the future of ED treatment lies in compounds that act on the central nervous system and effectively modify the condition, rather than targeting end organ erectile function. Rexhan claims that Zoraxel has the potential to be the first drug capable of this action and to establish a new standard of care for erectile dysfunction.